Add Scrunch Bum to Bikini Bottoms and One Pieces

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Add a scrunch bum to any of our bikini bottoms or one pieces to add a little more to the back end of a woman's swimsuit. By adding this feature it does a few things. One of the most obvious features is that it attracts more attention to the woman's backside. If you consider your backside a nice asset, the scrunch butt look might be for you.

For those women who do not have too much in the lower back region, the scrunch bum swimwear design can help out with that. By pulling the material inward, to the center, it makes a "scrunch" look and for obvious reasons why it is called the scrunch bum. By adding this look, a woman's backside can actually look enhanced - in a good way! Many women have used this style to gain a little more of the "junk in the truck" look.

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